The cultural value offered by Peruvian production techniques allows our products to differentiate themselves in the market. Our customers, distributors and retailers, access a line of products of Peruvian origin and receive an excellent product supply service and the benefit of our experience accumulated by more than 40 years of business relationships with various markets around the world.


We offer to hospitality projects, our Peruvian craft know-how and the experience of working with the most important retailers in the world. We have worked with hotels, spas and restaurants in cities such as London, Dubai, Miami, New York, Monaco, Lima, Cusco, Doha, Abu Dhabi, among others.


Make a difference with 100% handmade gifts in Peru. Our wide range of unique gift collections is fully customizable, with wholesale prices and suitable for any personal or corporate event. You can choose a gift that really represents you and that has a story to tell, be it by its origin, by the message it conveys or by its luxurious appearance.


From the manufacture of liturgical furniture carved in cedar wood and gilded with gold and silver Italian leaf, to goldsmith articles (virreinal silverware replicas), replicas of paintings on canvas and aged wood, retablos, sculptures, stone, ceramics, etc. all handmade.