Berrocal has reached every part of the world, having a great track record thanks to our extensive experience in export of handicrafts.

BERROCAL and Club Alianza Lima made a dealOCTUBRE 2020

Through its KUSKA brand, BERROCAL signs the first licensing agreement in the history of Peruvian Crafts

WFTO Provisional MembersSEPTIEMBRE 2019

The WFTO is the home of Fair Trade Enterprises. Spread across 76 countries, members are verified as social enterprises that practice Fair Trade.


INDEX is the Middle East's largest interior design festival, where architects, interior designers, buyers and hoteliers uncover trends, discover innovations and make business with 1,100+ suppliers and brands to bring design visions to life.

Why do we export Peruvian handicraft?ENERO 2019

Our passion and labor to promote Peruvian culture, which is the inherited cultural legacy, must have an economic support through their trading, to continue steadily our activity.

Ambiente 2019FEBRERO 2019

Ambiente is the leading international consumer goods trade fair. With its uniquely diverse offer, it is the platform for the entire market.

Crafts Council PeruSEPTIEMBRE 2018

First experience of associativity for export and design crafts.

PeruModaDeco 2019MAYO 2019

PERU MODA DECO is a new concept related to the design and decoration of spaces.