BERROCAL: A family tradition

Our story begins with Ruben Berrocal Moscoso, who developed this idea due to his admiration for the Peruvian culture and its craftsmanship. He started a leather crafts business in the 70s in order to provide tourists with quality products.

Over time, we became a brand and began to participate in different international fairs, such as the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt, Germany, one of the main world showcases of the decoration industry. We set out to carrying high the name of our country, as well as being a reference within the craft industry by exporting our work to the five continents.

For 40 years, every object that we export is a manifestation of the artisans’ hands, their cultural heritage and the expression of designs that tell part of the history of Peru.


Ruben Berrocal Moscoso, the man who began our history, became passionate about national craftsmanship from a very young age, in this way, he fed more his love for Peru, exploring innovation and reaching that difference that would lead him to success.

He managed to stablish this company, creating projects that highlight the wealth, art and culture of our beautiful country. This passion has made him travel to different parts of the world, making known the Peruvian artisanal beauty and achieving important spaces of the industry. He became an active member of the Craft Committee of ADEX, the Association of Exporters of Peru, and from there he works together with other exporting companies, to enrich and globalize the Cultural Heritage of Peru.


Our customers are chain stores and distributors. In the hospitality industry, our experience working with major retailers, and our know-how in Peruvian crafts, allows us to export even more product lines, which decorate rooms and common areas of hotels from 3 to 5 stars, as well as restaurants. We have also carried out sacred art projects.

Our most important markets are the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Turkey.


Promote and participate in the development, quality and innovation of Peruvian crafts, through export and internal trade; in order to improve the quality of life of the artisans, to develop competitiveness and efficiency in production, and to increase the value of our crafts in the 5 continents.


Achieve through the joint effort with our artisans, be the best export and trade company of Peruvian crafts, being recognized by our leadership, focus on the satisfaction of our customers and an excellent promotion of the Peruvian culture.